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Our Services

Preliminary Budgeting

Birch Builders Ltd maintains a detailed and accurate database of all types of construction components through our subcontractor relations.  From cubic footage of excavation through square foot of wall coverings, our database has proved a reliable source for budget estimating.  Paired with thorough calculations of all materials, labour and equipment required to complete a project, Birch’s budget estimating process is quite thorough. We are sensitive to our clients needs for complete and accurate cost projections. 


General Contracting

Project Management: Standard contract between Owner and Construction Manager to provide optional services during the pre-construction phase and perform the required work during the construction phase.  At the beginning of the project, the work is performed on an actual-cost basis, plus a percentage or fixed fee which is applied to actual costs.

Lump Sum: Standard contract between Owner and Birch to perform the required work for a single, pre-determined fixed price or lump sum, regardless of the Contractor's actual costs.

Cost Plus: Standard  contract between Owner and General Contractor to perform the required work on an actual-cost basis, plus a percentage or fixed fee which is applied to actual costs


Design Build

Design-build allows you to start with just a concept or vision – we provide the rest. Because it combines several phases of the project life-cycle, this method gives you certainty on all three key project parameters: cost, quality and time (or scheduling).

Birch Builders ltd

  • Has capabilities extending far beyond general contracting, including design-management, enabling the company to work productively and smoothly with designers;

  • Knows what questions to ask of every participant in the project;

  • "Speaks the owner's language" – i.e., talks about more than concrete and re-bar, but understands your project objectives and can translate them into the right materials and construction methods;

  • Has extensive experience in costs of services and materials;

  • Understands financial risks and has the financial strength to manage them;

  • Has people who see the bigger picture of a project – not just the building phase, but the entire life-cycle, and what this will mean – because they are more than just contractors; and

  • Perhaps most important, understands what the owner really wants and needs are not just the structure, but the objectives of the business that is going to depend on the facility.

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